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  No Experience Needed! Our Seminars all are open to the public.

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Krav Maga Seminars – CrossFit Seminars

Kids Krav Maga Testing Week!


If you can not attend any classes this week still pay the belt and certificate fee. We will still promote them to their next belt

We understand sickness and travel ect

Dec 17th – Dec 21st  @ regular class times. Be aware of the expanded kids schedule of classes. 


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Health & Nutrition Presentation


Jan 13. 2018

Health and Nutrition Presentation

What we will discuss:

  1. 4 Basic principles that need to be addressed first for optimal health


  1. What meal of the day is critical-it can set you up for success or failure. Find out why and what to eat at this meal with meal examples too


  1. For dieting, what does and does not work. Tricks to use for long lasting success


  1. Should you detox or fast? What you need to know-pros/cons. Find out how to detox each detox pathway.  Learn about simple steps to reduce your toxic load.


  1. A critical organ you may not be thinking of for weight loss, for motivation to get to the gym, for immune health, mental health and more. Find out what is damaging it and how to support it.


  1. Why you need not just diet and not just exercise. Why you need both to get results.


  1. How to get a nutrient dense meal into your day. It does not have to be complicated or take a long time! (I’m going to bring in a sample to show you!)


  1. What to take to stop a cold or flu in its tracks


  1. Will email to you: copy of the slide presentation, my 7- page handout on “12 Simple Steps to a Healthier You”. It is set up in a way to make it doable and achievable for long lasting results.  Along with that you will receive my green smoothie handout and Transit time test steps and additional information
  • We will sample twos healthy snack (recipes provided) and will sample “booster” foods and herbs.
  1. Time for you to ask your questions!

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick, tired, fatigued, depressed, anxious and more and have given up hope then Karen’s simple, effective, individualized and sustainable approach may be what you need.

Karen Brennan, MSW, CNC, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Herbalist is the author of Tru Foods Depression Free Nutrition Guide; How Food Supplements and herbs can be used to lift your mood and If Life is So Good, Then Why AM I Still Depressed? Discover the root cause for your depression and learn what to do to feel better and owner of Tru Foods Nutrition Services, LLC.

For more information visit

Want more information, like her fb page here

As a nutrition professional, Karen does not treat, cure nor diagnose. This information is for educational purposes only.


Cost $20

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DCF Hand To Hand Combat Class

Jan 20th @ 1pm

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Throw Down The Gauntlet!


Adult Krav Maga -Challenge Day.

Jan  13th  @ 1 pm  Location: Castle Rock Gym



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Throw Down The Gauntlet!


Adult Krav Maga -Challenge Day.

March 31 @ 1 pm  Location: Castle Rock Gym



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Throw Down The Gauntlet!


Adult Krav Maga -Challenge Day.

June 23rd  @ 1 pm  Location: Castle Rock Gym



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Throw Down The Gauntlet!


Adult Krav Maga -Challenge Day.

Sept  29th  @ 1 pm  Location: Castle Rock Gym



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Throw Down The Gauntlet!


Adult Krav Maga -Challenge Day.

Dec  15, 2018  @ 1 pm  Location: Castle Rock Gym



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HR-1 Seminar


Krav Maga Fighting & Accessing A Weapon In The Fight

How – When – Why

Early Bird Deal $199 Save $50 Register By July 31

Seminar Includes HR1 and Training (practice blade) Retail Price $199

Registration After Aug 5 may result in not having your HR1 delivered by Aug 12

Black Belt Members get 10% HR1

Next Date T.B.A SOON

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness

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 Parent’s Night Out FEAR FACTOR FUN & GAMES!

Aug 4th 6am-8pm


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Fear Factor Fun and Games

Invite non-member friends and earn tickets for the nerf gun giveaway!!

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Save The Date!Hope To See Youi There

Save The Date!! Sept 16 Gym Awards & BBQ

Nerf Gun And Gym Swag Drawing For New Member Referal Challenge

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Very beginner friendly class.

No Experience Needed!!

So many people think the need to be in shape. It’s our job to help you get fit and to teach you the basics of Krav Maga Self Defense. It’s what we have been specializing in for the last 15 years!! 11 In Castle Rock

June 24, 2017 @ 11am

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Krav Maga  Gun 3


Next Date TBA SOON!

KMGD 3: Review 1 & 2, Gun Drills and
Scenario Training 2 hrs $75
Put Your
Training & Skills to the Test

KMGD 1,2 & 3 Package Discount $175
Stress Drills & Scenario Training
Purchase All Three $175

Register Now Limit 26